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In advertising, funny varies for men and women

In the latest Saurage Key Findings, it’s clear that what people consider humorous can be a simple matter of the difference between girls and boys.

The research supports what we already think about each gender and the type of advertisements that appeals to their senses of humor: Men like funny, creative style and sexual imagery. Women favor “slice of life” stories and children.

Below are two ads for Dove Bodywash targeted to each gender:

Dove (women)

Dove (men)

The same company with essentially the same product, is advertising to each gender in very different ways. The ad for women features fewer visual techniques than the ad for men which featured quick flashes between images of work boots, a glove, and even raw hide. Another noticeable difference is the music: an upbeat tune for the women’s ad and a fast paced tune for the men’s ad that’s often heard during chase scenes in old westerns.

We’re exposed to this type of advertising each day. While laying it out isn’t ground-breaking, it is a great way to draw our focus into the techniques used to appeal to our natural biases.


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