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The Death of the Stethoscope

The Death of the Stethoscope

StethoscopeIn the current issue of Saurage Research Key Findings our healthcare article describes how medical technology will eventually replace 80% of what doctors do.  With everything from iPhone medicine to Nano Robotics, do doctors even need the infamous stethoscope so proudly worn  around their neck, or has it become a mere adornment to the white coat? From the time it was invented in 1816 the stethoscope was the most reliable and informative tool available for diagnosing cardiovascular disease. However, what doctors once did with their eyes, ears and hands is now being replaced by technology, thus changing the face of medicine by reducing errors, lowering costs, and allowing more interaction with patients. There is an ongoing debate as to whether medicine is an “art” or a “science” and while technology may suggest science wins, there is still something fundamentally human about the art of medicine. Diagnosing disease and choosing the best treatment certainly requires scientific knowledge and technically skilled health care professionals, but other factors such as concern, sympathy, compassion and assurance can only be offered by human interaction. How interesting that technology may be the thing that returns patient interaction to medical care.

Butler & Briggs designed this infographic look at medical technology.


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