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December 2012


Business to Business

  • Some 15% of online news consumers get their news via social media. More than a fifth get their news via Twitter. (
  • More than half of all dollars spent on Facebook (53%) are ads targeted toward men. (Kenshoo Social)
  • Consumers spend an average of 169 seconds per visit to ecommerce sites. (Sumall)
  • Purchases made via mobile grew 99% (in dollar sales) between 2011 and 2012. (Internet Retailer)
  • A third of travelers ages 18-29 (33%) choose restaurants or coffee shops based on whether or not they have power outlets available. (Intel)

Brand Strategy

  • A quarter of YouTube video viewing (25%) is on mobile devices. (YouTube)
  • Some 16% of mobile device users plan to do all or most of their holiday shopping via smartphone or tablet in 2012. (MarketLive)
  • About one in four Americans (27%) believe they’ll be better off financially a year from now. (SymphonyIRI)
  • Nearly a quarter of Google searches (24%) are to find local businesses. (Chitika)
  • Today’s consumers are much more likely to order pizza online – 16% say they always or almost always do. (Pizza Power Report)


  • According to Google, the energy it takes to conduct 100 searches on its site is equivalent to a 60-watt light bulb burning for 28 minutes. (
  • With 104 operating reactors, the United States produces more electricity with nuclear power than any of the 30 countries with that capability. (
  • 30% of energy used in buildings is used either inefficiently or unnecessarily. (SEMCO Sustainable Energy Management)
  • China is the world’s second largest oil consumer behind the United States, and the largest global energy consumer, according to the International Energy Agency. (IEA)


  • Only 5% of Americans who purchase gluten-free products do so because they have celiac disease. (The Hartman Group)
  • A third of chefs (33%) at U.S. restaurants with table service say their restaurants have vegetable gardens. (National Restaurant Association)
  • Only 28% of smokers think secondhand smoke is very harmful; 63% of nonsmokers do. (Gallup)
  • Half of Americans (50%) are trying to cut back on foods and beverages with added sweeteners. (International Foods Information Council Foundation)
  • More than six in 10 Americans (63%) think a low-fat diet is healthier than a low-carbohydrate one. (Gallup)

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