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SEISMIC (Saurage Energy Insights for Strategic Marketing and Integrated Communication)

We deliver accurate, actionable data and are obsessively thorough on behalf of our clients. We review your objectives, history and anything else that might affect our criteria. As a result, our approach is more efficient. Our results, more relevant. We utilize years of energy-industry experience, an intuitive knack for getting subjects to open up, and an amazing set of proprietary tools:

SEISMIC Differentiator: You versus the other guy.

Like a competitive brand-equity analysis in overdrive, this will assess qualitative and quantitative
data to reveal key market differentiation and preference drivers. We’ll evaluate existing and potential customers and determine which competitors should be included for comparison.

SEISMIC Value Analysis: What customers appreciate.

We’ll uncover non-price characteristics that customers value most and see where one company stands against the other. We’ll determine which attributes are most likely to influence purchase decisions, then compare your current positioning to those value drivers.

SEISMIC Utilization Analysis: The good, the bad and the useful.

If you have a new widget or service, we’ll shine some light on how end users perceive it. Is it attractive or useful? A “must-have” or a “might-want”? We’ll measure the relevant criteria, from initial reactions to price optimization.

SEISMIC Boards: Everybody likes to be heard.

Even busy people love to share their opinions, provided they can do so on their own terms. With online bulletin boards, we’ll engage high-level respondents by posing questions at their convenience.

SEISMIC Powerchats: Getting the word from the top.

Often, the information you crave requires personal interviews with key executives – folks who are notoriously territorial with their schedules. We’ll efficiently utilize their time with concise, thought-provoking interviews to get the information you need.

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