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Image Positioning

An established mid-sized hospital contracted Saurage Research to conduct an image positioning study to learn where it stood within the community and its potential for improving market share. Using telephone surveys with healthcare decision-makers, Saurage Research discovered how this hospital compared with larger, nearby metropolitan facilities.

RESULTS: The research results pinpointed specific problems with how the community viewed the hospital’s overall quality of care, cardiac care, surgery and obstetrics. The research also quantified a problem with employee responsiveness to patients and co-workers. In response to the detailed findings and recommendations, the hospital promptly implemented an image advertising campaign, began sponsoring community events, and developed a physician and employee-based speakers’ bureau.

A tracking study, conducted 24 months later by Saurage Research, showed significantly improved ratings on eight of 11 critical issues such as quality of medical staff, up-to-date technology and personnel attitudes. The hospital board was also delighted to see that more community residents rated the facility as “Best hospital or medical facility” for each of its service lines. For many service lines, this increase jumped to double or triple the initial percentage rating.

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