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Makes Sense: Small Biz Owners Prefer Mobile Devices

a graph showing the types of technology that are important to small business owners and its level of importance

It makes a lot of sense that small business owners prefer to be reached on and rely heavily on mobile devices.

So wouldn’t it follow that vendors make their content easily consumed on these devices? With 91% of small-business owners preferring to use their smart phones or wireless mobile communication tools, the answer is yes.

Of course Apple’s OS software is the leading software because iPhones and iPads have such a high adoption rate for the general public. Naturally small business owners are included in that. But they’re not just purchasing the devices for themselves. Small biz owners are using the phones as a part of their operation and purchasing them for employees. Here’s the breakdown from

For Business Owners

  • iPads (79%)
  • Android (39%)

Purchased for Employees

  • iPhone/iOS (64%)
  • Android (56%)
  • BlackBerrys (41%)

According to, Scott Roen, vice president of digital marketing and innovation at American Express put it best, “When you look at the core needs and challenges that [small] business owners are facing, they’re time-starved, and they’re not the type of people sitting in a building behind a computer all day. They’re out front, working with their customers and employees, so they’re inherently mobile in nature.” (source)



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