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Market Expansion

Key Concepts: Advertising Strategy • Consumer Products • In-depth Interviews • Telephone Surveys (CATI) • Advertising

A truck dealership that sells mid-size to large trucks wanted to expand its market share within an eight-county region. The company’s advertising agency contracted with Saurage Research to explore ways to reach this goal. SR designed a research plan to gain valuable data from current and potential customers as well as the dealership’s employees. Using focus groups, in-depth interviews and telephone surveys, Saurage Research revealed just how the dealership could capture a larger share of the market.

RESULTS: The research data gave the advertising agency guidance for

  • Creating a memorable, dramatic logo for use throughout the company’s promotional materials.
  • Redirecting the dealership’s marketing budget toward producing well-attended promotional events and a highly successful direct mail campaign.

Research findings also prompted several sweeping internal changes. These included adding a new line of trucks, expanding the leasing and outside sales programs, revamping the parts department, extending service hours and redesigning the dealership property for greater recognition and curb-side appeal. Overall, the changes yielded dramatic financial results. Revenues increased from $1.5 million to over $20 million within 18 months, bringing this company head-to-head with the largest nationally based competitor in the region.

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