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Retail Therapy: Is it the solution or the problem?

Retail Therapy: Is it the solution or the problem?

Shopping is without a doubt a favorite American pastime. We shop when we’re happy in order to celebrate, and we shop when we’re sad in order to feel better There’s nothing like a little “retail therapy” when we’re in a bad mood. What is the harm in it, really? Aren’t we helping a fragile economy if we’re spending money? Perhaps. But, what happens when shopping becomes a problem? The average American has $7,500 in debt (not including a mortgage) and three in five families can’t pay off their credit cards each month.

The average shopaholic, defined by Merriam-Webster as one who is extremely or excessively fond of shopping, has three times more debt than a normal (typical) consumer.

Shopping brings a sense of euphoria similar to a drug, and like a drug can soon become an overpowering problem. Like any other addiction, shopping can create a dysfunctional lifestyle. So how do you know if you’re a shopaholic, and if you are, what can you do about it? This infographic by defines a shopaholic and provides some tips to help if the shoe fits – you know, that new pair you just bought.

Shopaholics Infographic

*A tip of the hat to Allison Morris, who helped create this graphic and shared it with us

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