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Saurage Marketing and Research Tools (SMART)

SMART Boards: Everybody likes to be heard.

We’ve learned that even the busiest of people love to share their opinions, provided they can do so on their own terms. This is the brilliance of SMART Boards, online bulletin boards designed to reinforce the participation of high-level respondents by posing questions conveniently throughout the day, over the course of a week.

SMART Boards provide surprisingly insightful and actionable details on your customers, who willingly open up on their own time and are even encouraged to chat with other participants. Better yet, it’s fast. Since the answers are given online, transcripts are instantaneous.

SMART Insights: Getting the word from the top.

Sometimes, the crucial information you crave can only be provided by personal interviews with key executives, folks who are notoriously territorial with their time.

With SMART Insights, we’ve found a way to get to the right executives and utilize their time efficiently and effectively. We conduct interviews with questions that are concisely and provocatively crafted. The results are invariably surprising, which means you’re getting your money’s worth.

SMART Measures: Proof that we know our stuff.

Ultimately, we believe our job is to make your job a lot easier. To that point, we don’t drop the ball between gathering information and packaging it for you. SMART Measures is our proprietary method for doing just that. Using our multi-industry knowledge base, we can provide a valuable perspective and help you translate your data into a meaningful and successful strategy.

Keeping the cutting edge sharp.

Our business is no different than yours. In a competitive and evolving world, we have had to continually
sharpen our acumen, developing better tools and methods to uncover the information you need. If you have a challenge, give us a call. We’ll help you clear a path to success.

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