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Saurage Marketing and Research Tools for Healthcare (SMARTx)

SMARTx Pulse: See the world from your patients’ perspectives.

Healthcare is an emotionally charged topic. Uncovering honest, useful answers from your patients can be a challenge. With SMARTx Pulse, it’s a challenge for which we are uniquely equipped. With carefully crafted surveys and discussion groups, we’ll discover how they feel about you and your facility. Their likes and dislikes, their fears, what makes them comfortable and what sends their blood pressures through the roof.

With hundreds of baseline and tracking surveys for healthcare clients to draw upon, we can cut through the superfluous and get straight to the essential. We can even chart your personality attributes relative to the competition via Perceptual Mapping, one of our specialties.

SMARTx ProfitLine: Add value wherever you can.

SMARTx ProfitLine is like a full-body MRI of your market potential. This tool can find undiscovered gaps and overlooked niches that offer unique business opportunities.

We’ll help you find these gaps. By combining the appropriate research methods with an extensive healthcare background—one that includes a specialization in chronic illness, oncology and sensitive medical issues—we’re uniquely able to craft the language and get the answers you need to capitalize on profitable new service lines.

SMARTx Tracker: The right image is everything.

Quality research is only half the story. SMARTx Tracker is our way of insuring that the ball doesn’t get dropped between accumulating the information you need and acting on it. It’s our proprietary approach for packaging your in-depth research and using it to position your business for success.

We integrate the findings with your objectives to create actionable recommendations. We’ll even help you ramp up your quality assurance program and, in the process, make sure you meet or exceed any industry requirements dictated by JCAHO and/or HIPAA.

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