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Saurage Tactical Advertising Techniques (STAT)

STAT AdVise: For smarter focus groups.
Conducting over a thousand focus groups has made us more effective and efficient in our approach. We have a knack for putting people at ease, uncovering meaningful insights and generating useful ideas. We also have exceptional resources for online focus groups.

STAT AdVance: Attitude-Awareness-Usage studies.
This is the best way to determine how people perceive and use your client’s product. That’s why we structure our studies with succinct, provocative questionnaires, keeping the answers lively and useful. And keeping the subjects awake.

STAT AdAptives: Proof that the message matters.
Our experience, which spans multiple industries and markets, will be indispensable to transforming those formidable piles of data to meaningful—and applicable—insights. This is where research becomes strategy. This is where we shine.

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