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Who wants to be a millionaire? America to have twice as many by 2020

In less than 10 years, the U.S. is expected to be home to more than 20 million households with an income of $1 million dollars or more. That means 43% of the world’s millionaires will live in the United States. New Jersey will have the most. The wealthiest will live in California.

Perhaps the most important thing about becoming a millionaire isn’t how to become one, it’s that the opportunity exists at an economic time considered The Great Recession.

Top 10 counties by HNWIs (more than $1 million, in 2009)[20]
County State Number of millionaire households
Los Angeles County California 268,138
Cook County Illinois 171,118
Orange County California 116,157
Maricopa County Arizona 113,414
San Diego County California 102,138
Harris County Texas 99,504
Nassau County New York 79,704
Santa Clara County California 74,824
Palm Beach County Florida 71,221
King County Washington 68,390

(Wikipedia )

Predicted Growth by 2020

In their 1997 book the Millionaire Next Door Thomas Stanley and William Danko outlined a definition of “wealthy” as having a net worth of at least $1 million dollars — a figure attainable in one generation and by many Americans. So how do most people acquire their millions? It’s not the lottery. Managers, business owners, and educators account for most of America’s wealthy people.

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