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Posted by on Sep 4, 2013 in Blog, Tech | 0 comments

SOCIAL STUDIES: INSTAGRAM Instragram – a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. With 40 million...

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Think Your Business Doesn’t Need Social Media? You May Want to Rethink That.

Posted by on Apr 3, 2013 in Blog, Business, Tech | 0 comments

“My customers don’t use it.” “It doesn’t apply to our business.” “It’s not measurable.” These are just a few of the reasons some companies...

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The Death of the Stethoscope

Posted by on Feb 24, 2013 in Blog, Health | 0 comments

In the current issue of Saurage Research Key Findings our healthcare article describes how medical technology will eventually replace 80%...

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10 Facts You May Not Know About Electric Cars

Posted by on Feb 24, 2013 in Blog, Tech | 0 comments

The Nov/Dec 2011 Energy Key Findings on reports that 42% of drivers have little knowledge about electric-only...

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Why Can’t I Speak My Mind?

Posted by on Feb 23, 2013 in Blog, Health | 0 comments

Finally, my Southern breeding is forcing its way past the admonitions of friends and family to maintain some semblance of political...

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